Concrete Pumping in Miami and Broward

AMDI USA ready mix is the leading producer in Miami and Broward of concrete ready mix for commercial and residential projects. Our state of the art plant enables us to produce top quality concrete at competitive rates. We are ready to cover your construction and building needs.

Concrete Pumping is a very efficient and reliable way of placing concrete, which makes it a very dynamic and also economical method as well. Sometimes, a pump is the only way of placing concrete in a certain location. Such as a high rise building, or large slabs where the chutes of the concrete truck can’t reach where the concrete is needed. Other times, the ease and speed of pumping concrete makes it the most economical method of concrete placement on building projects.

A high-performance concrete mix may cost a bit more per square foot initially than a basic mix, but in the long run it could save you the expense and headaches of repairing cracks and other problems caused by an inadequate mix design. Keep in mind that your driveway will be subject to vehicle traffic, freeze/thaw conditions (in most climates), and possibly deicing chemicals. You’ll need a durable, low-permeability mix to withstand these conditions.

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We can enhance the design of your home by using special pigments in the concrete mix. The possibilities to improve the feeling of the physical space are endless.

AMDI USA can provide its customers with over 200 different cement color options. Concrete dyes expand the color palette of concrete stains. Using dyes to produce vibrant color accents that enhance and customize concrete, the combination of chemical stains and concrete dyes is a perfect synergy that may be used to imitate certain patterns in floors, walls and other structures.

One of the amazing advantages of colored concrete is that it is easy to maintain and doesn’t require new painting over time.

Colored concrete can also be used to balance the contrast of the colors of your project with its surroundings. This can be achieved by adopting either some tonalities similar to the nature/ground around the place or colors that are part of a triad that goes well with said surroundings.

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AMDI USA produces concrete ready mix in Miami for all your construction needs. Our products and services are of the highest quality and standards to ensure building safety and customer satisfaction.

Our ready mix concrete can be delivered within time and budget for your project with the requested specifications for each kind of structure. At AMDI USA we got you covered with special mixes for floors, columns, sidewalks, roads and much more.

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Our business operates in South Florida, especially in Miami Dade and Broward counties since 2002.

Add privacy and security to your home or business. We are a precast fence and wall manufacturer company based in Miami and Broward Florida. Call us today for a Free Estimate

About Precast Fences & Walls

Precast fences are fences created to protect or enclose a home, business or any other kind of construction for security, privacy or aesthetic reasons. This fences are very solid and safe and they have the characteristic of compartmentalization which allows for isolated modification or placement of individual sections. This is an advantage when compared with in-situ casted walls and brick walls because normal walls may sometimes get their full integrity compromised when they get damaged or need to be modified, thus you may need to fix/demolish a full wall whereas you only need to replace individual sections in precast fences.

Precast concrete fences are made by pouring concrete ready mix into a specific mold to create several individual concrete pieces that then are dried, transported and installed with cranes around a building or field.

Our Precast Solution

Our precast concrete fence full solution includes:

  • Fence license/permission management.
  • Perimeter measurement
  • Precast concrete fence manufacturing
  • Precast fence/wall installation & verification

Fence License Management

The local government usually requires that you have permission to build your fence but don’t worry about bureaucracy, let AMDI USA deal with the hassle. We will do all the paperwork and obtain the required documents needed for the project. Save time and avoid trouble, sometimes fence inspections happen but you will be ready if you choose AMDI USA.

Perimeter Measurement

You don’t know the exact size of your perimeter? No problem! AMDI USA has all the tools and expertise needed to measure and prepare the field for your precast fence with accuracy and speed.

Precast Concrete Fence Manufacturing

AMDI USA has its own concrete source and makes its own precast fences, we are accountable and responsible for the integrity of our products, we use top certified materials that comply with technical and legal standards. Tell us your requirements, AMDI USA will build a precast fence to satisfy your project needs.

Precast Wall Installation and Verification

Installation is a delicate process, when it is time to install fences our staff makes the difference. Let our experienced team take care of the most important step of this process, we have all the equipment and experience needed to deliver the result you expect, from vision to reality our company will be there for you.

Our competitive advantage allows us to deliver results on a time and price that adjust to your schedule and budget. Contact us now for a free quote.

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