Founded in 2002 by Alex Orozco, provides high-quality ready mix concrete products to customers throughout the Miami and Broward areas.

Our services and product lines consist of Concrete Ready Mix, Concrete Pumping, Color Concrete, Concrete Delivery and Pre Cast Fences



Concrete ready mix is a combination of aggregate materials that may include crushed rock, gravel, sand, water and cement. The actual concrete mix recipe can be altered to meet the needs of specific applications. High-quality ready mix concrete is an excellent choice for a variety of applications including projects in the commercial, industrial and agricultural markets.

With its state-of-the-art concrete manufacturing facility, AMDI is recognized as a leading supplier of ready mix concrete to contractors and developers in southern Florida.

Professionals at AMDI USA Concrete are hard-working experts that combine high quality materials with excellent workmanship to exceed customer expectations. The staff begins its projects by mixing and delivering concrete to the customer site. There, technicians can pour precast concrete walls, floors, columns, sidewalks, roads, pools as well as meet a variety of other concrete building needs.

Developers and contractors have experienced the many advantages of ready-mixed concrete. Since it is manufactured under controlled conditions with high quality materials, the finished product is quality assured, more durable and longer lasting.

Contractors Services:.

Concrete ready mix also speeds up the rate of various construction projects. Some benefits are that it is easier to handle, uses bulk cement instead of bagged, and simpler to mix properly, which means less is wasted and dust pollution is minimized. In fact, cement usage is usually reduced by about 11 percent with ready mix concrete. Since the product can be custom made to suit the sizing and placing of the material, contractors gain a great deal of flexibility. The result of using ready mix concrete, contractors save space by eliminating the need for storing aggregate materials, cement and water as well as time by not requiring the creation of a site-based concrete manufacturing area.

AMDI USA concrete professionals are well-versed in limiting potential problems with ready-mixed concrete. By applying their expertise with the product, they can work with contractors to determine how much concrete needs to be placed where and when. Admixture like plasticisers and retarders can be used to delay setting times, and AMDI USA Concrete can enhance any effect on the strength and durability of the final product. Company professionals can also plan work schedules to manage special placing and form work as well.

AMDI USA Concrete Contractors:

We work very closely with many of Florida’s top builders and their design teams to identify the most cost – effective and executable means and methods to bring every single design to reality through the use of top quality ready-mixed concrete and aggregates provided by us.

Pump Mixes For 2″, 3″ And 5″ Hose Pumps
Concrete mixes with larger aggregates may be too coarse for some pumps to handle. Proper mixture consistencies are essential.”

Masonry Grouts
Masonry Grouts it’s innovative way to reinforce masonry construction projects, AMDI USA provides a great consolidated grout for masonry jobs.

Corrosion Inhibitor
AMDI USA carries the latest 30% calcium nitrite based corrosion inhibitors designed to inhibit the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete.