Services & Products


Our comprehensive Services & Product line includes:

1. Regular Concrete For Foundations, Columns, Slabs And Beams, Up To 10.000 Psi

2. Pump Mixes For 2″, 3″ And 5″ Hose Pumps

Concrete mixes with larger aggregates may be too coarse for some pumps to handle. Proper mixture consistencies are essential.

3. Grout Mixes

4. Masonry Grouts

Masonry Grouts it's innovative way to reinforce masonry construction projects, AMDI USA provides a great consolidated grout for masonry jobs.

5. Tremie Concrete Under Water

Here at AMDI USA, we offer the ok tremie concrete placement method which consists on using a pipe, through which concrete is placed below water level. The lower end of the pipe is kept immersed in fresh concrete so that the rising concrete from the bottom displaces the water without washing out the cement content.

6. Super Plasticizer

AMDI USA utilizes the latest polycarboxylate technology for superplaticizers.

7. Fiber Reinforced Concrete

AMDI USA carries both micro and macro fibers for secondary reinforcement.

8. Corrosion Inhibitor

AMDI USA carries the latest 30% calcium nitrite based corrosion inhibitors designed to inhibit the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete.

9. Color Concrete

AMDI can provide its customers with over 200 different color options. Concrete dyes expand the color palette of concrete stains.
Using dyes produces vibrant color accents that enhance and customize concrete. The combination of chemical stains and concrete dyes is a perfect synergy.

10. Light Weight / Heavy Weight Concrete

AMDI USA supplies both light weight and heavy weight concrete mixes.

11. Flowable Fill

AMDI USA supplies both excavatable and non-excavatable flowable fill mixes.

12. DOT Concrete

AMDI USA now has the ability to provide DOT (Department of Transportation Certified) Certified Concrete to its customers. 

  1. Being a State of Florida Certified concrete provider.
  2. Mix designs that cover DOT, high strength, and structural lightweight and precast concrete proficiency.
  3. Ideal for roads and paths.