At AMDI USA we provide clean, sand for construction and landscaping purposes. Our product is top quality, clean, free from waste, stones and impurities. Whether it is fine, medium or coarse sand you can contact us to sort out the kind of sand you need and order it to have it delivered to the jobsite.


As part of our aggregates policy we make sure that our concrete mix has great quality sand for the designated kind of building or structure in order to adhere to national and international construction standards. We make sure that the sand in the concrete mix always has a modulus of 2.5 to 3.5 with not less than 4 percent silt content and that it is obtained from sand pits that follow safety and environmental standards.

Our professional mixing and pumping services allow you to have a concrete with high strength and durability, with a uniform appearance. This prevents cracking, segregation, blistering, plastic and shrinkage.

For further information please call our Customer Service line at (305)-200-4778 or send us a fax at (305)-397-1001

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