Projects Gallery

These are some of the multiple projects developed by AMDI USA concrete, we offer a complete supplier mechanism for concrete transportation and delivery systems in South Florida. Ask us about colored cement, aggregates for construction and many more building solutions provided by AMDI USA.

We offer advice on flooring and structures made of concrete for both residential and commercial purposes, we have a wide variety on providing great solutions for any building project that you might have in mind. No matter your project size or budget we have a Request for Credit form availiable for our clients.

For further information please call to our customer provided line (305)-200-4778 or send us a fax at (305)-397-1001

Pools and associate structures

Elegant pools with a professional finish for all the necessities of our clients.

Floors and structures of concrete

Modern concrete floors that satisfy the necessities and exquisite taste of our clients, the quality and the termination they go for.